Camper Shells – The Perfect RV

If you’re in the market for a recreational vehicle, camper shells can be an excellent choice. Their compact size, reasonable prices, and ease of use make them one of the top choices for many vacationers.

Modest Sized:

The convenient size of camper shells make them an outstanding choice for an individual, couple, or small family to take on their outdoors adventure. With a camper shell, your recreational vehicle can fit into most campgrounds, and you typically won’t need a specially designated space for your vehicle because of its compact size. The condensed size of a camper shell RV can also encourage vacationers to get out of their vehicle to explore and use the outdoor space around them.


Truck shells can be bought separately and attached to your vehicle instead of sold as a vehicle and camper set, making them much more affordable than many other recreational vehicles. Camper shells also use significantly less gasoline than larger RV models due to their smaller size.


The maneuverability of truck shells is a huge advantage when it comes to RVs. Because these campers are placed on top of your vehicle, not being towed separately, you won’t need to worry about sharp turns or the difficulty of backing up.

Camping with this RV can also encourage you to pack lightly and carry around less “junk” than with other, larger models. You’ll be able to have what is important, and have it within reach at all times. The low commitment level involved in a camper shell makes them ideal for the weekend or occasional camper.

To learn more about camper shells in San Diego, please visit this website.


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