What Is Paint-less Dent Removal?

Paint-less dent removal is a faster and cheaper way to fix dents and dings. It doesn’t harm your paint job or your wallet.

Paint-less dent removal is also referred to as PDR and is an automobile body repair procedure. It is an alternative to conventional body repair that focuses on removing minor dents from a vehicle. The major draw of PDR is it does not damage the paint, so cars do not need further repairs and will retain their value. Paint matching can often be a necessary hassle after even minor dings. Unfortunately, it is expensive but paint-less dent repair can get the job done while circumventing this pesky step.

Not all automobiles will qualify for the procedure. PDR only fixes the car’s ‘skin’ so minor damage from hail, bicycles, stray shopping carts or fly balls can be corrected. However, if the integrity of the paint is already compromised, dents will have to be replaced via a different procedure. Paint-less dent removal can maintain the factory paint job, but the process cannot fix already scratched or chipped vehicles. Severe dents from accidents will require more invasive work from the auto technicians.

Paint-less dent removal is much cheaper and faster than other dent and ding procedures. Normally, a vehicle may sit in the shop for three to five days before the repair is finished, but in the best shops, PDR can be done in less than an hour. This is because traditional procedures involve multiple steps including fillers, primers and grinding while PDR does not. Additionally, it costs about half as much if not less than the conventional methods of dent removal. Minor dents will be taken care of permanently in most cases.

Paint-less dent removal is a minimally invasive process because it deals exclusively with surface level problems. Fewer parts must be disassembled and reassembled during PDR. For instance, to fix roof dents from hail, the technicians will remove the soft ceiling within the vehicle. This is simply to gain easier access to the underside of the roof. On the other hand, a conventional process necessitates removing all glass and interior parts to allow enough space for proper painting procedures. Since PDR does not affect the paint job, it can accomplish dent removal with less preparation.

While the process requires less time, technicians should still need experience to produce a high quality repair. Most techniques use metal rods and body picks to reverse dents from the underside of a given panel. From the outside, an auto professional may use glue or special tabs to pull the ding out. Quality technicians can also avoid and fix high spots in the paint.

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