The Benefits of Truck Running Boards


Truck running boards can add to the look and the value of your vehicle, provide a safe entry, and help protect your car from the elements. With many materials and styles available, adding running boards to your truck can be a wise investment.

Ease of Entry:

Getting into your tall ride may be a tall order, especially for small children or the elderly. Running boards make getting up and into your truck easy for people of all ages and sizes by providing that extra boost into your vehicle.

Customize Your Ride:

Many running boards are customizable to the color and style you desire, so they can be a sleek and smart addition to trucks of all sizes. Adding running boards to your truck is an investment that can stand the test of time, because many running boards are made with durable materials such as aluminum and stainless steel. These accessories can also add to the value of your truck because they are a beneficial and attractive addition to your vehicle.

Protection And Safety:

Running boards can provide protection to your trucks’ side panels, keeping them safe from debris and other hazards you might encounter while on the road. Designs featuring step treads and traction strips can also provide safe footing whatever the weather or the time of year.

Running boards can make accessing your truck easy and safe, while also providing added security to your truck. With a wide variety of materials to choose from, you can choose a style you like while also being able to stay within a price point that you can manage.

To learn more about running boards for your truck in San Diego, please visit this website.

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BakFlip F1 Tonneau Cover Demostration

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Tips to Purchase Tool Boxes For Your Truck

Keeping your tools corralled, protecting your truck bed from scratches and dents, and guarding your equipment fromthieves all make truck boxes a desirable addition to your vehicle. If you’re in the market for a truck toolbox, narrowing down your desires to specific features can help you to keep track of what you really want. Continue reading

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“Tonneau Dave” Tips

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Looking Sleek For Longer: Low Maintenance Car Colors

Light grey, silver, and beige are among the easiest colors of car to keep looking clean. This is because they effectively mask dust, dirt and scratches.

With today’s fast paced world, many people are increasingly interested in making convenient choices, and cars are certainly a part of this trend. While white and black are among the most common car colors, are they really the best options out there for drivers looking for low maintenance cars? In reality, white and black cars are some of the most difficult to keep looking clean. On the other hand, light silver, grey, and beige cars are often the lowest maintenance cars, both in terms of cleaning and repairing scratches.

Depending on where you live, dirt and dust may be a large issue when it comes to keeping your car looking sleek and clean. While of course all cars in a given environment will get more or less equally dirty, some colors are better at hiding the grime. Cars that are light, neutral colors tend look cleaner when dirty, simply because the dirt is more difficult to see. A white or black car, on the other hand, will contrast sharply with the dirt, and will therefore appear more obviously dirty. Thus, while it is always a good idea to wash your car periodically, low maintenance colors mean that these washings can be less frequent.

Scratches are another key factor that can negatively impact the attractiveness of your car. There is no evidence that certain colors become scratched more easily or often, but scratches are certainly much more visible on dark or brightly colored cars. Conversely, light, neutral and metallic colors, such as silver and champaign, are closer in color to the scratches themselves. This means that the scratches are harder to see, making these cars look newer and in better condition than others. The car’s owner may decide whether or not to have the scratches repaired, but at the very least they are unlikely to be detracting from the car’s appearance. Finally, although light metallic colors match the color of the car underneath the paint, dark metallic colors do not. Cars that are dark silver, for example, often have the problem of obvious scratch marks.

For car owners looking for car that requires less work to look new and clean, there are certain colors that can help them achieve this goal. Above all others, light grey, silver, and beige or champaign cars can retain a sleek and clean look for a long time, largely because any dirt and scratches are less immediately obvious. These cars are therefore low maintenance, needing to be washed and have scratches repaired less often.

If you are interested in learning more about low maintenance car paint colors available in Raleigh, please visit this website.

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See And Be Seen Easier With LED Lighting

LED lighting makes vehicles safer by efficiently directing light where it needs to go. It also uses less energy and lasts longer than traditional lighting.

Many people have different opinions on what a good truck needs. Some argue for horsepower or torque. Others are in favor of undercarriage clearance or hauling capacity. However, there is one thing that almost all truck owners will agree is crucial to their vehicles: safety.

Vehicle safety is commonly understood to mean that tires are well-inflated and have thick tread on them, or safety belts and air bags are in good working condition, or that your truck has a high safety rating. All these things are important, but a crucial component of safety that can be overlooked is what kind of lighting your truck has.

This facet of driving safety is where LED lighting shines brightest. LED stands for light emitting diode, and it represents a different type of lighting from traditional incandescent and CFL bulbs. The two characteristics of LEDs that are most frequently touted are that they are both longer-lasting and more efficient than traditional lights. This means that you can have brighter beams with less drain on your battery.

Making the switch to an LED light kit will make sure that your headlights stay on longer. A good LED has a lifespan of more than 25,000 hours. Compare this to standard bulbs that can expect a lifetime of only 1,000 hours. This is important because it’s crucial to run your headlights at all times. Even during the day, headlight use drastically increases your visibility to other cars and reduces collisions.Long lasting LEDs also ensure that you don’t become one of those vehicles driving down the road with a burnt out headlight. Not only does this help you see and be seen, but you may even save yourself a warning from the police.

LEDs for your truck not only last longer, they perform better. It’s true that they are more efficient – using up to 75% less energy – but they also direct their light more accurately. Unlike conventional lighting that radiates out from the bulb in all directions, LEDs are designed to focus their light only in one direction, eliminating the need for reflectors. Driving with LED lights guarantees that your vehicle illuminates the road ahead of you to its utmost potential, with no wasted light shooting out uselessly to the side.

A large proportion of accidents are caused when one motorist simply doesn’t see another. Installing an LED light kit in your truck will help you to see and be seen, will last longer than traditional lights, and will use less juice in the process.

If you are interested in installing LED lights on your truck, visit this website for more information about LED light kits in Murrieta.

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Top Three Benefits Of Car Restoration

Three key advantages to getting your car restored are the fact that you can customize your car how you want it, determine the extent of the project and increase the car’s value. However, it is important to hire a professional in order to ensure that the job is done well. Continue reading

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